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by Michael Riehn

In this video from our how to series, Beckwood Press Company highlights the standard Allen Bradley Panelview Controls on their DJ Series Benchtop Press.  Beckwood manufactures presses with a wide range of control systems.  The video walks viewers through the aspects of the hydraulic press control system, showing the functions of the various buttons included on the PanelView interface.

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By: Josh Schroeder

A new C.E.O. was recently hired at a large corporation. During his orientation the retiring C.E.O. was giving him some advice and told him you will make mistakes. It’s just the reality of business. So, I’ve prepared three envelopes and placed them in your desk drawer. When you make a mistake, open the first envelope.

Some time went on and then he made his first mistake. He went to his desk drawer, found the envelopes and opened the first one. The note inside said “Blame Me”. So he told everyone it was the former C.E.O.’s fault and that he inherited this mess. Everyone agreed that made sense.

Some more time went on and then he made his second mistake. He went to his desk drawer, opened the second envelope and inside the note said “Blame the Board”. So he told everyone it was the board’s fault. They are the ones who made the decision and everyone agreed that made sense.

Some more time went on and low and behold he made his third mistake. Like before he went to his desk drawer, opened the last envelope and the note inside said “Prepare Three Envelopes.”

The morale of the story is everyone makes mistakes. Are your shoulders broad enough to take the load or will you find someone to place the blame? Politicians blame the past administration, kids blame their siblings and spouses blame each other. Its human nature but unfortunately it puts a hamper on what could have been a learning experience.

When a mistake happens using it as an opportunity to improve and learn from is the path to wisdom. That is why they say an expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field. Mistake proofing methods are primarily created by those who made the very mistake they have now “proofed”.

Custom hydraulic press building offers many learning opportunities. Because each press is custom built there is generally something unique about the press that hasn’t lent itself to repetitive exposure in the manufacturing process. Therefore the environment is ripe for possible mistakes. That is why it is so important to implement a stringent quality control and certification program that captures these issues.

By documenting issues that occur and the corrective actions implemented, customers are assured robustness and the manufacturing process strengthened. By finding all the ways not to build a press we fine tune the manufacturing process and continuously improve quality and efficiency.

The next time you make a mistake it may hurt your self pride and can be embarrassing but keep in mind what you can learn from the experience and take heart knowing you are one step closer to becoming an expert.

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The world of build to order press manufacturing is one of listening and solving.  Listening to the customer to understand the manufacturing process for which they need a press.  Listening for the requirements from the customer that will define the design limits of the press.  These requirements will drive the features of the press such as; speed, total tonnage, size of the tooling or process that must fit within the press, physical size limits for height or weight or integration of other automation.

In this way the customer’s requirements are driving the design and build of the press for their specific application.  The press manufacturer then takes these requirements, along with it’s own expertise in structural, hydraulic, and control system design, and develops a solution that addresses all of the customer’s needs.

Customer Driven. Listening. Solving.

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