irak-shock_and_awe_baghdad1Your army is lost, your navy destroyed and you are now a captive in an enemy camp, the war is over and you are defeated. As you lay in your chamber, starving, cold and bloody you ponder of what the next day will bring and then you think back to what went wrong.

Each battle you focused on like a laser, counting the tasks that led to each victory, strategies that made you seem undefeatable. The battles, while never easy, were never a problem either. You took the enemy down each and every time but this time it was different.

Your mind races back to the moment you knew you were in trouble. It seemed like the enemy came out of nowhere, swarms of troops from every direction, bullets, bombs and missiles strategically hit you on all fronts. But how, you had complete focus on the battle and thought you knew the enemy well.

The problem is the enemy changed. While you were focused on the battles they assembled in mass, hidden on the battlefield until they came at you with ferocity you were not prepared for and overran your defenses. You failed to see the entire battlefield through the heat of battle.

Business can be a lot like war. We focus on the heat of battle, battling to maintain our lead times, making good parts and keeping the customer happy. Yet we sometimes fail to see the “battlefield” and the opportunities that are headed our way. Soon the orders come in and we are not prepared for the volume. The lead time slips, the quality suffers and the customer becomes unhappy.

The economy appears to be recovering and the uptick of demand is starting. It’s a buyer’s market because everyone is hungry for business and because everyone put purchases on hold, they need it as quickly as you can get it to them. If you are not prepared you will be overran with the demand and will not be able to satisfy the customer.

As an OEM of hydraulic presses and equipment we see the battlefield and know the influx of capital purchases is upon us. Our customers that see the battlefield as well are ordering now to be prepared for their customers. Will you be ready to deliver a “shock and awe” campaign for your customers and blow their socks off or will you be overran, left cold and bloody, pondering what went wrong?

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One Response to “Do You See The Battlefield?”

John Kline March 23, 2010

Josh if you ever change professions I think writing would be the best choice.This was a really good article.