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I recently went under the knife for the very first time. Thank God it wasn’t for any kind of disease or serious health problem but it was to repair an issue I’ve lived with my whole life and never really thought about it being an issue.

My dad’s side of the family all has deep set eyes. My great grandfather had a sagging left eye lid and my grandfather as he aged needed excess skin removed from around both of his eyes. Therefore my sagging left eye lid must be a German heritage thing or something from which I am also equally blessed.

Up until this point I just thought it was a cosmetic thing. People that have known me don’t really see it any more, it’s just normal. It’s only those that I first meet, that are just being honest, ask what happened to my eye. So when I recently went to the optometrist for the first time I was shocked to find out that what I thought was no big deal was actually causing me not to see as good as I could be.

It was obstructing my field vision and the extra pressure the lid caused on my eye skewed the lens which altered my vision. I wish I had known this year’s ago! I just lived with it because at the time I didn’t know it was causing me functional issues, it was just cosmetic.

How about your hydraulic presses? Are you using a press that to you works just fine, might have some aesthetic issues but functionally it seems to be doing the job? How do you know if what you’ve been working with all these years could actually be hindering your full potential? To you and the people who use it every day you may not notice any issues because it’s just “normal.” However, what you thought was just minor may actually be costing you money.

Advancements in technology, faster hydraulic systems and updated controls may all be available to help you see what you are missing. You won’t know how much better things can be until you find out how your current press compares with the opportunities a new or updated press can give you. So…how’s your vision?

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