Beckwood Press Company announces the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system designed to provide benefits to Beckwood and its customers by refining internal operations and procedures. Beckwood customers are granted unprecedented access to manufacturing schedules, approval and system drawings, with the added ability to order spare and replacement components on-demand.

In addition to potentially lowering costs to customers, the ERP system provides numerous benefits including the ability to access live Gantt charts which document the manufacturing process in real time. The portal also allows each customer to access manuals, approval drawings, and component documentation. An e-Business database containing actual 3-D CAD drawings of the purchased system is also available to Beckwood customers. Through the web portal, customers can identify and click on individual components related to their machine for general information or to order spare or replacement parts.

Historical customer data is stored in a “one stop” location, which increases the responsiveness related to quotation & customer service requests. Internal procedures and operations have also been streamlined, which has decreased project lead times and minimized costs.

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