Beckwood Press Company, a leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic presses & automation systems, recently partnered with a leading aerospace company to develop a custom hydraulic heated platen press, used in the high-density compression molding of aircraft cabin interiors.  The press was integrated with a hot oil heating system for accurate and uniform heating across the 60” x 108” bed and ram.

The 800 ton capacity custom made hydraulic press is equipped with 48″ of stroke, dwell capability for holding precise pressure on the part for extended periods of time and mirrored light curtains to ensure operator safety.  The custom press system features Beckwood’s Productivity Package control system which includes full recipe functionality.  Operators have the ability to program and save pressure & position values, temperature specifications, desired dwell time and bump sequences for the controlled release of gases which build up during the thermoforming process.

More information about the press can be found by visiting the company’s website and typing in 411 in the press example search, located at the bottom left side of the homepage.

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Beckwood Press Company announces the addition of Josh Dixon as Sales Engineer. In this role, Dixon acts as a primary customer contact, applying company technologies and capabilites to each customer’s application. Dixon works closely with Beckwood’s engineering and manufacturing departments to accurately relay critical project details received from one-on-one interactions with the customer.

In addition to completing several hydraulics courses, Dixon attended the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in Business Management.

Josh Dixon, Sales Engineer

Josh Dixon, Sales Engineer

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Beckwood just completed production of a 32″ Triform32" Triform

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St. Louis, MO - Beckwood Press Company recently delivered a 150 Ton, 5-Post, dual-ram hydraulic press to a leading manufacturer of agricultural disks.  The press, engineered to maintain pressure on the part during both the hot forming process and subsequent in-die water quench, has eliminated three steps from the customer’s production cycle.

To ensure a fast press closure and quick form on the part, Beckwood provided the customer with multiple valve configurations which offer three different pressing speeds and programmable tonnage control for maximum efficiency.  The independent action of the two (2) rams also contribute to an increase in productivity, as the operator can load one station while the other is cycling.

More information about this specific example can be found by visiting www.beckwoodpress.com and typing 482 in the bottom search engine.

About Beckwood Press Company:  The Beckwood Press Company is a leading custom hydraulic press manufacturer located in St. Louis, MO.  They offer a variety of custom, ‘made-to-order’ hydraulic presses (2-2000+ tons) as well as a line of standardized benchtop presses (3-40+ tons).  Beckwood is also the contract manufacturer of the Triform Sheet Hydroforming Presses for Pryer Technology Group (PTG). These presses can be made for virtually any industry, with an unlimited amount of capabilities & options.


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Beckwood Press Company announces the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system designed to provide benefits to Beckwood and its customers by refining internal operations and procedures. Beckwood customers are granted unprecedented access to manufacturing schedules, approval and system drawings, with the added ability to order spare and replacement components on-demand.

In addition to potentially lowering costs to customers, the ERP system provides numerous benefits including the ability to access live Gantt charts which document the manufacturing process in real time. The portal also allows each customer to access manuals, approval drawings, and component documentation. An e-Business database containing actual 3-D CAD drawings of the purchased system is also available to Beckwood customers. Through the web portal, customers can identify and click on individual components related to their machine for general information or to order spare or replacement parts.

Historical customer data is stored in a “one stop” location, which increases the responsiveness related to quotation & customer service requests. Internal procedures and operations have also been streamlined, which has decreased project lead times and minimized costs.

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Triform 24-10-10SCYou are driving along in your two-seater car on a dark and stormy night. You pass a bus stop and you see three people waiting for the bus:

A) An old lady who looks as if she is about to die.
B) An old friend who once saved your life.
C) The perfect man or woman you have longed to meet.

Knowing that there is room for only one passenger in your car, what would you do?

This moral dilemma, Paul Sloane of Destination Innovation, writes was used in a job interview setting. Many answers were given but only one candidate out of one hundred gave what was judged the best answer. “I would give the car keys to my old friend and let him take the lady to the hospital while I would wait for the bus with the woman of my dreams.”

By doing some lateral thinking he made ideal use of the resources in the problem. If we were to look at problems the same way we might gain a new perspective and find a creative solution.

“Genius is seeing what everyone else sees and thinking what no one else has thought.” A quote from Albert Nagyrapolt, the physiologist who discovered vitamin C hits the nail on the head. By recognizing the obvious and then looking at the problem from a different view point you might gain a new insight.

Pryer Technology Group and Beckwood Press have teamed up to bring the Triform line of hydroforming machines to the industry. From their own experience and research, it was found that existing hydroform presses were too expensive, too heavy and physically impractical for many users. Additionally, quality used hydroform presses are rare and often antiquated with questionable control and hydraulic systems.

The use of advanced engineering allowed for the design of a unique pressure containment
system that significantly reduced the press size without sacrificing integrity or durability.
Triform Hydroform Presses are available with CNC Deep Draw or bladder only capabilities in a variety of sizes.

By looking at the current problems facing those in the industry, a new perspective on old technology was formed. Today those problems have been solved by the innovative possibilities that the Triform line brings to the industry.

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