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Beckwood recently exhibited at the IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show) in Chicago, IL.  And, while the show is a mainstay of Beckwood marketing efforts, and while it regularly provides a solid stream of interested leads, 2010’s show turned out to be the best on record from the standpoint of booth traffic.

Coming off the ‘recession’ many would have assumed that manufacturing companies struggling to find their way in a brave new world would have held on to the funds required to make the trip to IMTS.  But, luckily, we found that just wasn’t the case.

Hopefully, this is an early-indicator of a solid 2011…

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by Michael Riehn

How to operate a hydraulic press series. In this video, Beckwood Press Company highlights their DJ Series Benchtop Press with an Allen Bradley Control System, light curtain and guarding. This is a video of Beckwoods standard DJ Series features, with customizable options. The video walks viewers through the aspects of the bench top hydraulic press, showing the functions of the various buttons included on the press

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by Michael Riehn

In this video from the how to series, Beckwood Press Company highlights a standard Inch & Semi-Auto operation for a hydraulic press. The Beckwood Press model is from their DJ Series Benchtop Press line, and includes a light curtain feature (which is demonstrated). Ryan Pendleton, from Beckwood, runs the press in both Inch and Semi-Auto Mode. In Semi-Auto Mode, he intentionally breaks the light curtain guard to show the safety feature.

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