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Beckwood Press Company, a leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic presses & automation systems, recently partnered with a leading aerospace company to develop a custom hydraulic heated platen press, used in the high-density compression molding of aircraft cabin interiors.  The press was integrated with a hot oil heating system for accurate and uniform heating across the 60” x 108” bed and ram.

The 800 ton capacity custom made hydraulic press is equipped with 48″ of stroke, dwell capability for holding precise pressure on the part for extended periods of time and mirrored light curtains to ensure operator safety.  The custom press system features Beckwood’s Productivity Package control system which includes full recipe functionality.  Operators have the ability to program and save pressure & position values, temperature specifications, desired dwell time and bump sequences for the controlled release of gases which build up during the thermoforming process.

More information about the press can be found by visiting the company’s website and typing in 411 in the press example search, located at the bottom left side of the homepage.

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Hastings Manufacturing Hot Stamping Press

Hastings Manufacturing Hot Stamping Press

by Michael Riehn

What is industrial hot stamping?  What is the difference between hot stamping and heat transfer?  While both fall under the “hot stamping” field, there are differences to the process and type of material that can be used.

When you think of hot stamping, you often think of screen printing t-shirts. Industrial Hot Stamping Equipment is different. The process still utilizes heat, pressure and precision timing to transfer color from a foil to an object, but the process is heavy duty with an industrial grade hydraulic or pneumatic press. 

A silicone or metal die, machined to match the desired image, is used to bond the adhesive coat of the foil to the surface of the object that is to be decorated. This machinery can be used on flat or contoured parts and is ideal for single color transfers.

Materials used in industrial hot stamping are:  Plastics, Wood, Paper or Vinyl.  Metal, brick, glass, painted surfaces or textiles are typically not used with this process (unless integrated with a special coating) and mostly utilize heat transfer equipment.

Industrial Heat Transfer Equipment is similar to Hot Stamping Equipment and is applied in almost the same manner i.e. it utilizes heat, pressure and precision timing to decorate an object.  However, in this type of decorating, the film carrier is printed with a multicolored image that is transferred. Proper indexing of the transfer is necessary to ensure correct placement of the image on the object.

This type of machinery can be used on flat or contoured parts and is ideal for single step multicolor transfers.  It can also be utilized on Metal, Plastics, Rubber, Glass and Textiles. 

The textiles in industrial heat transfer do not typically utilize screen printing.  These items are usually logoed apparel for small logoes (up to 2″ x 3″), tagless tags, shoe liners or sock liners.

Thanks to Hastings Manufacturing for the information provided.

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Heat Transfer Equipment

Heat Transfer Equipment

Hastings Manufacturing has teamed with the Beckwood Press Company to manufacture and support their Heat Transfer and Hot Stamping Equipment at the Beckwood facility in St. Louis, MO. The alliance will update and consolidate Hastings’ manufacturing processes, and provide advanced attention and innovation for their customer base.

Hastings Manufacturing designs and engineers standard and custom automated equipment for hot stamping and heat transfer systems. They have teamed with Beckwood to provide their customers with an expansion of their offering, and improve their manufacturing efficiency through combined innovation and expertise. Beckwood is also providing customer service and support along with product development and testing.

“Beckwood Press has the tools, capacity and expertise to manufacture and support our broad product line, said Bob Hasting, President of Hastings Manufacturing. “We have secured a joint venture that allows us to advance our product development while increasing our focus on designing and selling the right equipment for each customer. We will utilize their talented team of engineers for more efficient manufacturing processes, and we look forward to a long term, strategic relationship.”

Jeffrey Debus, Vice President of Beckwood Press Company, said, “We are excited about partnering with Hastings to manufacture and service their industry leading Heat Transfer and Hot Stamping Equipment. They are well known and respected in this market for their quality design and durability, and we are anxious to work with them to continue their reputable high standards of production.”

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