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Beckwood Press Company, a leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic presses & automation systems, recently partnered with a leading aerospace company to develop a custom hydraulic heated platen press, used in the high-density compression molding of aircraft cabin interiors.  The press was integrated with a hot oil heating system for accurate and uniform heating across the 60” x 108” bed and ram.

The 800 ton capacity custom made hydraulic press is equipped with 48″ of stroke, dwell capability for holding precise pressure on the part for extended periods of time and mirrored light curtains to ensure operator safety.  The custom press system features Beckwood’s Productivity Package control system which includes full recipe functionality.  Operators have the ability to program and save pressure & position values, temperature specifications, desired dwell time and bump sequences for the controlled release of gases which build up during the thermoforming process.

More information about the press can be found by visiting the company’s website and typing in 411 in the press example search, located at the bottom left side of the homepage.

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by Michael Riehn

What is a PC HMI Control system and how does it compare to a Panelview HMI?

Panelview HMI with Productivity Package and job storage

Operator Interface integrated with a Beckwood Press

Operator Interface integrated with a Beckwood Press

This system includes a touchscreen operator interface with job storage and recipe handling. All cycle parameters are programmed and saved for recall, significantly reducing operator set up time. Additional features are available, see below. System is programmed for application specific requirements to suit user needs.

Common adjustable features include:

  • Tonnage/ Pressure
  • Up Limit
  • Slow Down
  • Return on Position or Pressure
  • Dwell Time
  • Multiple Job Storage
  • Serial Communications
  • Safety Alarms
  • Password Protection

Other Features may include but are not limited to adjustable:

  • Ram Speed Control
  • Integration of controls through Auxiliary Equipment
  • Language Options
  • Data Collection
  • Graphical & Report Trending
  • Expandable Memory
  • Ethernet communications
  • Diagnostic Control
  • Press Monitoring
  • Production Rate
  • Plus much more.

PC HMI with Productivity Package and job storage

PC HMI from Beckwood Press Company

PC HMI from Beckwood Press Company

A PC based system includes all of the features of the Panelview with the following additional attributes:

  • 10,000 recipes job storage
  • Data acquisition
  • Trending
  • Multiple control access points
  • Report generation
  • Customized panel matching (can emulate other control templates reducing orientation for press operation and seamless transfer)
  • Onscreen PID tuning
  • Multilevel security password protection
  • E-mail alarm & alerts
  • Networking to LAN system
  • Text message, e-mail or smart phone press control
  • Excel recipe loading and storage
  • Alarm status and report queries

Additional options may include:

  • Fingerprint ID security with multilevel access tiers
  • Self diagnostic programming (system and parts) for quality control
  • Vision system part inspection
  • Vibration analysis
  • Oil particle counter
  • Oil aqua sensor

For more information on hydraulic press control, contact Beckwood Press Company.

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by Michael Riehn

In this video from our how to series, Beckwood Press Company highlights the standard Allen Bradley Panelview Controls on their DJ Series Benchtop Press.  Beckwood manufactures presses with a wide range of control systems.  The video walks viewers through the aspects of the hydraulic press control system, showing the functions of the various buttons included on the PanelView interface.

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