Used Hydraulic Press


By Josh Schroeder


Pack your suitcase, skis, goggles and warm clothing. You’re going skiing at Granite Peak in Wisconsin. This is going to be great! Awesome scenery, sick drops, a winter wonderland of excitement!

The only catch is you have been transported to Middle America and must travel west on I-44 to get there. No exceptions! Sadly, for you, I-44 west will get you to Wichita Falls, Texas where snow skiing is not an option.

No matter your good intentions, how you packed your suit case, or the brand of skis you have, you won’t make it to Granite Peak heading west on I-44. That’s because your direction determines your destination. This is one rule of the road that can never be broken no matter how hard you try.

If your direction is to procure used hydraulic presses, your direction will lead you to a proverbial gambling table. You may find a press that fits your needs and works without issue. However, it’s likely you will have to fit your process to the press, instead of the press fitting your process.

In time, your savings from buying used presses will slowly erode through inefficiencies and lost production time.

Even if your gamble works, you will probably have to make serious modifications. There is also a strong possibility that the used press will need updated controls, safety devices and repairs to meet today’s standards.

Another direction is to partner with a custom hydraulic press builder. While the attractive price of used equipment may tempt you into gambling, a new hydraulic press will assure you it’s built specifically to fit your needs with the latest controls, safety devices, higher productivity and the full support of the factory customer service.

However, if you have no other choice but to head down the used market road; you will save yourself a lot of time and headaches by asking for directions from your favorite hydraulic press builder. They can point out hidden features on the “clunkers” that may cost you if you blindly purchased them without a knowledgeable guide.

A builder will provide you with a comparative quote or a rebuild option to update the hydraulic press to the latest standards. The right builder will partner with you to become your “GPS” guide for a more profitable destination.

Your direction determines your destination. Whether you choose the used hydraulic press road or the road that leads to a new custom built hydraulic press, it’s wise to partner with the hydraulic press “navigators” that will ensure the destination that is the most efficient and cost effective possible.

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