Tryout Press

Tryout Press

Beckwood Press Company has recently developed a new Hydraulic Tryout Press for large stroke applications. This 4-Post Press can be manufactured for a wide range of tonnage capacities and features a 4-Axis Active Leveling Control (ALC) system for precision bed to ram parallelism. It is engineered for tight pressure tolerance requirements and can be customized for a wide range of specifications and options. The press is equipped with dwell capabilities, oversized ram guide bushings and speed control.

Beckwood recently delivered one of their new Tryout Presses with a force capacity from 5 to 360 tons. It tests and presses core winding assemblies inside transformers for a leading electronic and transformer supplier. The press has been engineered with a 100” stroke, 90” x 90” bolsters and a remote power system. It features pressure control with +- 1 ton accuracy and an Allen Bradley PLC control system with touch screen interface.

More information about this specific example can be found by visiting www.beckwoodpress.com and typing 422 in the bottom search engine.

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