by Michael Riehn


Many manufacturers are looking for a multiple purpose hydraulic press to run different processes with different sizes and force requirements.  When a user varies the load configurations throughout the bed, they are going to experience Dynamic Loading. Changing the force parameters throughout the bed can be hard on the ram guidance and may result in higher maintenance costs without proper attention to the engineering from the beginning of the process. 


This type of off-center loading is best accommodated by an Active Leveling System. These presses are equipped with a multi-axis high-speed motion controller, linear transducers to monitor ram position and sophisticated proportional hydraulics.  The motion controller provides closed loop servo control of each individual press cylinder to maintain bed to ram parallelism.


Active Leveling control is offered in either 2 or 4 axis depending on the specific application.  Two Axis control provides parallelism from left to right or front to rear, while Four Axis control provides control of both left to right and front to rear. 

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