by Michael Riehn

SM5 Linear Sensor testing the Beckwood Press Stopping Cycle

SM5 Linear Sensor testing the Beckwood Press Stopping Cycle

Beckwood Press Company has recently partnered with JOKAB SAFETY North America, for cycle testing with their new Pad Forming Press models. These presses can be manufactured for a wide range of tonnage capacities, and features a customer specified durometer rubber pad. The SM5 Linear Sensor is part of the Jokab Smart Stop Time Analyzer. It is attached to the upper bolster of the Beckwood Hydraulic Press and measures the distance between the upper platen and the lower platen during the machine stopping cycle.

Beckwood recently delivered one of their new 4-Post Pad Forming Presses with a force capacity of 1000 tons. The press was tested by the SM5 Linear Sensor, and is used by a leading aerospace company in the manufacturing of jet components. It has been engineered with a 12” stroke and 30” x 60” bolsters. The Pad Presses is equipped with dwell capabilities and oversized ram guide bushings for accuracy and durability.

More information about this specific example can be found here (example #362) or by viewing the Beckwood Press Website.

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