by Josh Schroeder
Hydraulic Press Production Manager

Testing your light curtain guarding

Remember to test your light curtain guarding

“As quick as you can, but as slow as you must” has merit in quality, production and education, but it’s also just as important in safety. When operating a hydraulic press, these are words to live by. Always take time to work safely, even when it may mean you must slow down to do so. In these economic times, getting a competitive edge is key, but taking chances by removing safety measures to gain in productivity will only slow you down in the long run.

Guarding, light curtains and safety controls are meant to be a tool to aid in safe operation but ultimately it’s the operator who must have a safety minded attitude. Don’t learn safety by accident. Provide training, check safety devices regularly for damage and proper operation. Develop a safety team that looks for unsafe practices and use them as learning opportunities. Working safely may get old but so will your employees who practice it.

“Safety First Because Accidents Last”

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