FEA design Testing


Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computerized method for estimating the stress and deflection in a machine structure due to the loads applied.  The nature of hydraulic presses require a structure that supports the load of the press tonnage without excessive deflection or high stress that could adversely affect the forming or stamping process. 

In a build to order environment, developing the structural design for each new custom design by hand would be a tedious and possibly error prone process.  By utizing modern FEA analysis various “what if” scenarios can be run in a short time.  The integration of FEA directly into the CAD system allows the designer to fine tune the press design  while maintaining the required structural integrity.   The mulitple iterations of  design made possible in this way results in virtual prototypes without having to build any physical prototypes.  This is of course less costly than physical builds and provides for a design that is optimized to the specific application.

Presses designed with FEA will result in better designs, increased fatigue life, lower maintenance cost, and improved quality.

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